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We are a South Korean medical/digital healthcare company developing the world’s smallest biosensors and a global real-time patient monitoring platform. Our mission is to enhance health with our HiCardi system, providing efficient patient monitoring and promoting healthier lives.

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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

HiCardi+(SmartPatch): Wireless/Wearable Real-Time Remote Patient Monitor for Simultaneous, Centralized Remote Monitoring of Multiple Patients

Our HiCardi system consists of SmartPatch, SmartView, and LiveStudio, offering real-time arrhythmia detection and event notification. It enables remote and central monitoring of multiple patients simultaneously, capturing vital signs including ECG, heart rate, respiration, skin temperature, activity, and body posture for adult, pediatric, infant, and neonatal patients in both hospital and home settings.

Features of HiCardi System:

※ It measures and analyzes multiple parameters such as ECG, heart rate, respiration, skin temperature, activity, and body posture in real-time. It also detects arrhythmias in 17 classes.

※ Optimized for Remote/Central Monitoring of up to 256 Patients Simultaneously in Real-Time from Anywhere, Anytime!

1. SmartPatch: The HiCardi+ is a rechargeable battery-operated biosensor equipped with integrated microprocessors and wireless transmitters. It independently measures and analyzes vital signs such as ECG, 17 classes of arrhythmias, heart rate, respiration, and skin temperature in real-time. The analyzed data is transmitted to SmartView (our mobile app) via Bluetooth.

2. SmartView: Our SmartView mobile application, easily installable from the iOS/Android App Store, serves two primary roles. First, it functions as a patient monitor by displaying vital sign data received from SmartPatch (HiCardi+), enabling real-time monitoring. Secondly, it acts as a gateway by transmitting the received data to LiveStudio (our web-based software/AWS Cloud Server) via LTE or Wi-Fi.

3. LiveStudio: LiveStudio, our web-based software utilizing Amazon Cloud (AWS) as a data server, displays and records all vital sign data received from SmartView in real-time. It enables remote and central monitoring for multiple patients (up to 256), supported by visual and audio alarms to aid healthcare professionals in taking immediate action during critical patient conditions.